Records Raise Questions


public records FOIA request

Records provided by Jason’s father are inaccurate/incomplete and raise more questions than answers…

As a result, ready to be mailed tomorrow are public records (FOIA) requests to below agencies for complete unreacted copies of all related documents in their possession:


Of greatest concern to me at the moment is the Autopsy Report.

At a glance, the report does not contain all of the standard elements, descriptions of organs and body are not specific, organ weights are inaccurate and appear to be rounded guesstimates rather than actual, signature of pathologist is on page 2 of a 6 page report and no where else, authenticity of physician’s signature is questionable… and finally, the report is not on appropriate letterhead nor is the agency/physician conducting autopsy identified.

Additionally, an independent physician reviewed the report and discovered numerous errors that he was “…surprised a competent physician would make.”


If you have information/constructive comments, I welcome your input. with the ultimate goal of gathering enough evidence that will compel the state/parish to conduct an through investigation.

Venues of Importance


jackson parish venuesIn order to get to know Jason and glimpse into what was his daily life, I recently explored Eros and Jonesboro.

I snapped a few photos as a visual reminder that may, at some point, prove pivotal in my unbiased investigation into what happened to young Jason.

  • Eros Town Hall, Eros
  • High School, Jonesboro
  • Jackson Parish Coroner’s Office, Jonesboro
  • Southern Funeral Home, Jonesboro
  • Paradise Funeral Chapel, Jonesboro


Intro to Eros, Louisiana 101


eros louisianaAccording to the 2010 census, Eros, Louisiana, had a population of 155  of which 17 self-identified as “black,” 133 as “white,” 4 as “American Indian/Alaskan Native,” and 1 as “two or more races.”

Eros is situated roughly 24 miles east from Monroe and 24 miles south from Jonesboro, in rural Jackson Parish.  To an outsider such as myself, it appears archaic divided racial lines still exist and allegations of corruption and political malfeasance are frequent.