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Decomposed Body in Plastic Box


Kerry Lane murdered by Bobby Christopher Lucas in Deville, LAOn October 29, 2008, the badly decomposed body of Kerry Anthony Lane, 35, was found in a wooded area at 98 T. Man Lucas Road in Deville, Louisiana.

Lane was shot in the chest, stuffed into a plastic container and buried by Bobby Christopher Lucas (legal name change from Chris Lee in March 2008), his “male companion.”

Sadly, Lane was not reported missing by his family in St. Rose or by mutual friends of his and Lucas’, even though he had not been seen for over 13 months.

Lucas, whose address at the time of arrest was T. Man Lucas Road, obviously had no qualms about continuing to live in the home he shared with Lane, knowing Lane’s remains was only a short walk away.


According to Jamie Floyd, then-Vice President of Rapides Parish Police Jury, who was interviewed by KALB while at the scene (video), the remains were discovered by  Chris’ brothers and “when word got out” Chris turned himself in to authorities and confessed.

Floyd  further theorized that Chris was involved in a violent relationship with Kerry, and “just knowing Chris, he must have thought his life was in danger…in some kind of relationship with this individual…an abusive relationship…”

I’m puzzled as to why a Police Juror was present at the crime scene (potentially contaminating) as this was clearly a criminal matter and the Police Jury purview is strictly legislative. Hmmm.


Bobby Lucas, 39, was arrested in October 2008 and charged with 2nd Degree Murder according to the 2011 Grand Jury indictment.

On 10/15/12 Lucas, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in June, sat in the rear of the courtroom with his wife while George Higgins, his attorney,  told the judge “He’s married, he’s changed his lifestyle and he’s a manager at an Alexandria fast food restaurant.”

A plea agreement was reached between Rapides Parish ADA Thomas “Rocky” Willson and defense attorney, and on 04/23/13 Judge Thomas Yeager found Lucas guilty of OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE by Not Informing Authorities about a Death and UNLAWFUL HANDLING OF REMAINS.

He was sentenced to only 10 years hard labor, suspended, three (3) years supervised probation, and ordered to pay $1,000 for Lane’s funeral expenses and $1,000 court costs.


eros louisiana

Intro to Eros, Louisiana 101


eros louisianaAccording to the 2010 census, Eros, Louisiana, had a population of 155  of which 17 self-identified as “black,” 133 as “white,” 4 as “American Indian/Alaskan Native,” and 1 as “two or more races.”

Eros is situated roughly 24 miles east from Monroe and 24 miles south from Jonesboro, in rural Jackson Parish.  To an outsider such as myself, it appears archaic divided racial lines still exist and allegations of corruption and political malfeasance are frequent.